Southern Screed Ltd Main responsibilities are to:

Initiate the company policy for the prevention of injury, ill-health and damage.
Arrange for competent assistance to assist in complying with and implementing health and safety arrangements.
Ensure that at all levels staff receive adequate and appropriate training, information, instruction and supervision.
Ensure that employees are consulted on matters affecting their health and safety.
Ensure that risk and COSSH assessments are undertaken and that action is taken to remove or control the risks identified.
Ensure that plant and equipment is properly maintained and meets health and safety standards.
Insist that safe working practices are regularly observed.
Ensure that accidents and incidents are investigated and action is taken to prevent recurrence.
Ensure that injuries, accidents and dangerous occurrences are recorded and reported in accordance with Statutory requirements.
Reprimand any member of staff failing to discharge satisfactorily their responsibilities.
Arrange for adequate resources and facilities to meet the requirements of this policy.
Regularly monitor and review this policy to ensure that it is effective, continues to be relevant and takes into account changes in activities or circumstances.
Set a personal example.

All Staff Need to know their health and safety duties. These are:

Follow company safety rules and any other information, instruction and training.
Ensure that their acts or omissions do not endanger themselves or others.
Not to misuse or interfere with any equipment provided for health and safety purposes.
It is the responsibility of each individual to help to prevent accidents.
Report all accidents and near misses.
Draw management attention to safety problems and defects.
Make full use of precautions given to them documented within Risk Assessments.
Wear personal protective equipment if necessary even for brief periods.