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Cemfloor Cement-based Flowing Screed

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Cemfloor Cement Based Flowing Screed

Foot traffic after 24-48 hours
21 day drying times (dependant on depth of screed and site conditions)
No need to sand once installed
Suitable for underfloor heating
Force dry after 7 days using underfloor heating
Lay floor coverings after 14 days with the UFH commissioned
Suitable for all primers and adhesives
Heating efficiency increased with coverage of just 25mm over pipes
Specialised products for thin self levelling depths of 12mm
Quick and easy installation
We can lay up to 1200m2 a day
Liquid Screed Going over wet underfloor heating- London RAPIDE

Underfloor heating and Liquid Screed

Our Flowcem Therm works perfectly with underfloor heating due to its high thermal efficiency.

The screed encapsulates the pipes, and because of the screeds recommended thickness being 50mm, the heat up and cool down times are very quick giving you an extremely reactive heating system.

A glimpse at our work from start to finish...

Ufh upstairs Ufh joists Ufh timber frame Screed first floor Lewis deck New house Screeding Self build Ufh first floor screed on joists

Our flow screeds can be used on timber floors AND are suitable for basements, ground, first & second floors and even lofts!

With a suitably engineered floor (including timber), we are able to screed on first and second floors using liquid which is not possible when using traditional screed due to the weight. This also eliminates the use of radiators, allowing for underfloor heating pipes to be laid on all levels as well as ground floors.

Traditional sand and cement screeds with

Power float finishes
Fast Dry screed

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