17m3 Gypsol Rapide Fast Dry Liquid Screed New Build – Liphook, Hampshire

We used a fast dry liquid Anhydrite Screed named Gypsol Rapide for this new build in Liphook, Hampshire.
The benefits of using this product are;
  • RAPID finishing – No spray on curing membranes reducing airborne contamination and eliminating associated safety issues
  • RAPID strength gain – No reinforcement or fibres required and fewer joints with much larger bay sizes
  • RAPID setting – allows early foot traffic after 24 hours
  • RAPID return to full service – can be loaded after just 7 days
  • RAPID thermal response – greater efficiency of underfloor heating
  • RAPID installation – allows early floor covering application, e.g. as little as half the time when compared to other standard anhydrite screeds


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