If you’re looking for a top quality liquid screed supplier in the Guildford area, then you should consider choosing Liquid Screed Guildford. This local company has built up a great reputation for providing excellent services at competitive prices. With many years of experience and expertise, they offer both residential and commercial clients high-quality and cost-effective solutions for all their liquid screed needs.

Liquid screeds are suitable for use in a range of applications from underfloor heating systems to concrete-based flooring.

They provide a level, smooth surface finish which is extremely durable and resistant to water damage. In comparison to other forms of ground coverings such as tiles or carpeting, liquid screeds offer greater flexibility due to their malleability when dry and easy installation process.

When choosing Liquid Screed Guildford, you will benefit from the highest standards in terms of materials used, supplies available and customer service. All of the company’s products meet current UK building regulations so you can be sure that your project will be completed safely and effectively while adhering to industry guidelines. The company is also dedicated to offering its clients professional advice every step of the way so that they can make an informed decision about which type of liquid screed would be most suitable for their particular project.

The team at Liquid Screed Guildford understand that not all projects are the same so they take each one into consideration before supplying a bespoke solution tailored to suit the individual requirements of their customers. Their attention to detail ensures that any potential problems are identified early on saving valuable time during the installation process.

Liquid Screed Guildford: The Specialists You Can Trust

Are you looking to get liquid screed installed in your home or workplace? Look no further than Liquid Screed Guildford. They are the leading specialists in the installation, maintenance and repair of liquid screed products in the area.

Liquid screed is a totally unique and innovative product that has revolutionized construction, allowing developers to build more efficiently with less time and cost while also ensuring a strong, durable and attractive finish to homes and businesses. With its easy installation process, liquid screed is quickly becoming one of the top choices for contractors and decorators alike.

The experts at Liquid Screed Guildford have years of experience in this field, boasting an impressive portfolio of both residential and commercial projects. They offer all kinds of services including installation, maintenance and repair; meaning whatever your needs are, these professionals can provide you with reliable solutions that cover all angles. Their team of highly trained professionals use only the latest state-of-the-art equipment which ensures their work is done to the highest standards by keeping up to date with new technologies.

With Liquid Screed Guildford, you’ll be assured of quality results each time they are hired as they take great pride in their craftsmanship. They have built a formidable reputation among customers thanks to their promptness and accuracy when working on projects regardless of size or complexity. What’s more – if something does go wrong or if you require additional assistance after using their services, Liquid Screed Guildford provides excellent customer service that is available through all channels so that customers can benefit from peace of mind throughout the duration of their project.

What Is Liquid Floor Screed?

If you are unfamiliar with the process, you may not understand what liquid floor screed is, or what makes it stand out from other seemingly similar ready-mix concrete products. Although both products are made up of the same primary components, concrete and liquid screed are both very different in texture and find themselves perfect for varying uses.

Liquid screed uses much smaller and fewer aggregates within its mixture than concrete does, resulting in a material which offers a much smoother consistency and easier flowability. This screed is much closer to a liquid than a solid, whereas, on the other hand, the coarse aggregates found in ready-mix concrete offer stability which explains why they are more suitable for structural building jobs.

What Are The Benefits Of Liquid Floor Screed?

You may be wondering what makes liquid floor screed such a fantastic product, or why you should choose to use it. Thanks to its fluid formation, the liquid floor screed is very flexible. Used only internally, its primary role is to create a perfectly smooth finish making it ideal for producing high-quality, long-lasting flooring.

One popular use of liquid screed is to create a protective layer over your existing concrete floor. Alternatively, liquid screed could also be used to maximize the effects of an underfloor heating system. Its liquid form means that it lays flush against pipework in a way that regular screed wouldn’t, eliminating any potential air bubbles and therefore increasing conductivity – which, in turn, will increase the quality of the heating system.

The liquid screed offers swift drying times (usually able to be walked on between 24 and 48 hours after it’s poured) and the application doesn’t take long at all, making this a perfect solution for many projects.

Liquid Screed Types

There are typically three types of liquid screed:

  • Bonded: A 25-40 mm thick layer of screed is applied. Screed is bonded with adhesives and applied directly to the concrete surface.
  • Unbonded: A PVC membrane is installed between the screed and the surface. PVC is used in case there are complaints of moisture. This application forms a layer which is over 50 mm thick.
  • Floating Screed: Unbonded liquid screed is applied for the reinforcement of an acoustic or thermal layer. The layer formed is 65mm thick or more.

Traditional sand and cement screeds with

  • Fibres
  • Power float finishes
  • Fast Dry screed
  • Granolithic
  • Mapei Topcem

Why Choose Southern Screeding For Your Liquid Floor Screed?

We are an approved manufacturer and floor contractor for LKAB Gypsol and Cemfloor. Using our state of art batching truck we can supply a consistent quality assured mix design of Anhydrite Liquid Flow Screed. Our flow screeds can be used on timber floors AND are suitable for basements, ground, first & second floors and even lofts! We are able to pump up to 150m with ease. There is zero waste left behind as we only mix what is required.

We can level floors to a minimum of 15mm using our specialized products. Based in Guildford Surrey, we serve London, Sussex, Hampshire, Middlesex, Berkshire, Kent and surrounding areas. We offer many different products ranging from fast dry, thin leveling screeds, standard flow liquid screed and traditional sand & cement screed services.

Should you have any further questions about liquid floor screed or the liquid screeding process, or are looking for a free quotation, get in touch with a member of our team today on 01483 662244 for more information. Alternatively, visit our website Page, https://www.southernscreed.uk/ we look forward to hearing from you!


In conclusion, Liquid Screed Guildford is the perfect supplier for all your liquid screed needs. Using liquid screed offers several benefits such as durability, flexibility, heat retention, meeting UK building regulations, and quicker installation, making it the perfect choice regardless of the project’s size or complexity. Liquid Screed Guildford provides tailored installation services for both residential and commercial properties, ensuring that you receive cost-effective and high-quality solutions every step of the way.

Installing flooring can be a long and difficult process.

It takes days to dry, sanding is required, and it’s hard to get the job done quickly. Plus, underfloor heating can add even more complexity.

Cemfloor is the perfect solution! This cement-based flowing screed can be walked on after 24-48 hours with 21 day drying times (depending on site conditions). There’s no need for sanding once installed, plus it’s suitable for underfloor heating – with force dry after 7 days using UFH and lay floor coverings after 14 days with the UHF commissioned. We also have specialised products for thin self levelling depths of 12mm so you can get your job done quickly and easily – we can lay up to 1200m2 a day!

Contact us now to learn more about Cemfloor!