Level large floor areas quick and cheap 


When an existing surface is very uneven we can level this very quickly giving you a clean surface to work from.

If you can raise the floor by 15mm then we can use a FlowTs15 which is an Anhydrite based screed.


  • Unbonded or bonded down to 15mm
  • Large areas can be levelled cheaply
  • Fast drying


Self-levelling bagged screeds


If the area that requires screeding is small, or only requires a very thin covering then we can use bagged products to get the required finish.


  • Very thin applications
  • Fast drying 




  • If your floor looks like this!

  • Or this

  • Use Flow Ts15 for a perfect finish!

  • An SR2 finish guaranteed 

  • For depths from 15mm

  • Very cost effective on large areas