Anhydrite Liquid Screed 


We can supply Anhydrite Liquid screed 24/7 using our state of the art Truck. 


  • Virtually no shrinkage compared to Sand and Cement Screeds
  • Underfloor heating efficiency greatly increased
  • Only require 35mm depth on unbonded insulated floors
  • Reduced risk of pipe and insulation damage compared to traditional floor screeds
  • Underfloor heating can be commissioned after 7 days so the screeds can be force dried
  • Anhydrite Flow screed can be poured straight on top of timber floor deck to create a solid squeak-free floor.
  • Areas of up to 1000m2 can be achieved in one day
  • Very high thermal capacity and high thermal conductivity which is ideal for use with embedded Underfloor heating systems
  • All the screed delivered will be produced to quality control standards BS EN 13454
  • Liquid screed will easily achieve the requirement of SR2.


There are many types of Anhydrite screeds available.

Anhydrite liquid Screeds are suitable to receive all types of floor coverings including tiles, carpets, vinyl, timber and epoxy resin screeds.


Safe for the environment and the installer


Gypsol binder does not contain Portland cement. Portland cement contains chromium 6 which has a well-documented link to both acute and chronic health issues for those exposed to it. The use of Gypsol binder avoids these issues completely. Gypsol screed is supplied ready to use and avoids most of the manual labour and health and safety risks associated with site-mixed sand cement screed. Installation of screed is carried out using our specialist pumping equipment.

Anhydrite screeds are 100% recyclable and use a binder which is made from 95% recycled materials, making this product one of the most sustainable screeds available on the market.